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StandAlone MMA regularly hosts special events and seminars designed to teach you more about MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai etc. and to give you an opportunity to train with well known personalities in the Martial Arts world!

We have hosted the following:

  • Wanderlei Silva

    Pride FC and UFC star (at StandAlone 2 times)

  • John Frankl

    BJJ Blackbelt

  • Dave Camarillo

    BJJ Blackbelt/ Judo Blackbelt and Head BJJ Instructor at the American Kickboxing Academy, founder of Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu

  • Andre de Freitas

    DDR BJJ Blackbelt and instructor at Nick and Nate Diaz’s gym

  • Marcos Torregrosa

    Cassio Werneck Blackbelt

  • Paulo Guillobel

    BJJ Blackbelt

  • OJ Dominguez

    BJJ Blackbelt

  • DOC

    Muay Thai Missions, Muay Thai KRU

  • and many more!

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